October 2009

During this semester there will be three lecture seminars on Digital Culture and Games organized by Jessica and run by HEX, Humanities Experimental Group. HEX is a cross disciplinary group of researchers within the Humanities at Lund University. The first lecture was held by Professor Espen Aarseth from IT University of Copenhagen and University of Oslo under the title “What are Games Anyway? Activities, Systems or Artefacts?”.

In November there will be two more seminars: Dr. Olli Sotamaa from University of Tampere, Finland, the 11th and Dr. Esther MacCallum-Stewart from Smartlab, UK, the 24th. All seminars are held at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences and followed by a lab workshop.  Check this page for upcoming information.

Simsmother-shahrazNew Scientist reports on a new study, “The virtual census: representations of gender, race and age in video games”  by Williams et al published in New Media & Society, Vol. 11, No. 5, 815-834 (2009): “The survey reveals that males, adults and white people are over-represented in games. Females, black people, children and the elderly are correspondingly under-represented.” Male characters make up 85% of characters compared to 51% of the real population. Williams says:  “For developers this would be a missed opportunity […] For players it is a potential source of identity-based problems.”