March 25, Dr. J. Annette Markham, Guest Professor, Centre for Internet Research, Aarhus Universitet, Denmark. gave a much appreciated  lecture in the HEX- Digital Cultures and Games Lecture and Lab series first launched in September 2009. This time a joint seminar for HEX, the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies sections for Ethnology, Library and information Science, and the Master of Applied Cultural Analysis, the lecture gave an exposé of the intricacies of doing ethnography on digital cultures. The talk titled  “Remix Ethnography: Qualitative Research for Lived Experience of Media in a Mobile, Fragmented, and Global Epoch” was followed by a lab trying out hands-on, some of the methodological and ethical challenges posed by qualitative internet research. Thank you Annette!

Remix Lab with Prof Markham

Remix Lab with Prof Markham - full house!

Remix Lecture - Markham Methods delivered to the HEX audience