According to SIFO, 39% of the population has played computer games this year. The numbers for football are 24% and for hockey 3%. 17% of the ones who play computer games do it regularly, compared to 5% for football and 1% for hockey. This means that computer gaming is almost three times as big as football and hockey combined.

Gamers participate more in physical activity
74% of the gamers participate in physical activity compared to 61% of the population as whole.

Gaming is social
54% of the gamers play together with friends while in the age group 16-29 as many as 69% do. 12% of the gamers have gotten new friends thanks to their hobby. That means that over 300 000 Swedes over 15 have widened their social network through computer games.

The report was commented on by sk gaming and the news in Swedish can be found here.