May 4 and 6 Jessica held a lecture and workshop on computer games, as part of the course SASH24 Violence, gender and culture – a global survey, held at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University. More than 30 students split into two groups, experienced hands-on sessions in two lab rooms. In one of the rooms, the HEX lab, using the PS3 and the Wii consoles they discussed avatar construction and moral decision making; in the Mac lab they tried out some web-based games talking about games as a violent medium and about the potential of games to proved ethical gameplay experience, that is ethics of computer games  (2009) à la Miguel Sicart. Lotta assisted this well visited event and we conclude that both students and teachers seemed to enjoy and learn from the experience.


Parents always seem to come across the issue of “managing” their kids’ playing time. As we and other have noted, mothers in particular have had this role of “policing” the gameplay of the rest of the family, although we know that this is no longer the case, since mothers play a lot of games also. Our project deals a lot with mapping the status and workings of this everyday life practice. The following blog post is a hands-on “how to” guide for parents to control the access settings on a variety of gaming consoles – the Wii, the Xbox, the PS3 for example.