November and December 2011 were extremely busy months for us.  We handled a lot of course and teaching administration. After concluding a very successful research week with visitors from all over the world for the Game Love Reader project in October, Jessica presented her work on ludic structures in “The Biggest Loser” at a health and humanities conference at Lund University in December. Lotta has lectured in Copenhagen on on-line sources. In addition, we both went travelling. One went West and one went East. And both planes and countries provided more digital materialities for our playful scrutiny, purchase and general amusement.

Most of January was spent writing, writing, writing and we presented a summary of the entire project for the ethnology group at the Ethnology Research Seminar on Feb 8. Last week we were interviewed by a journalist from a Swedish gaming magazine, and then Lotta lectured some more. We have now entered the final stage of the gaming mom project, and have submitted papers and abstracts  to three international conferences this summer: Nordic Digra in Tampere, Finland; The 32nd Nordic Conference of Ethnology and Folkloristics in Bergen, Norway, and Crossroads in Cultural Studies in Paris, France.  The past two days we have worked almost around the clock to finish our article on qualitative methods. We have previously left town to work undisturbed, but decided this time to stay in Lund. We have been very productive and that makes us  very happy 🙂