April 2010

Miguel Sicart lectures on the Ethics of Computer Games

Lab session with Sicart- digital cultures and games 4

This time around, the 4th Hex Digital Cultures and Games Lecture/Lab seminar had a slightly different format than usual. On Thursday March 25, Jessica Enevold, HEX and Bodil Pettersson, Centre for the Study of Denmark, collaborated to arrange a half-day seminar on the theme Digital Ethics. Assistant Professor Miguel Sicart from the IT University of Copenhagen gave an inspiring and enlightening keynote with the title “Play, Interruped. On the Ethics of Computer Games.” This was preceded by presentations by Sarah Marie Holm Hansson, Nicolò Dell’Unto and Daniel Carlsson who angled the topic from as different perspectives as library science, archeology and religious studies and did so very well. The keynote was followed by a session in the gaming lab, as is customary in the Digital Cultures and Games Lecture/Lab series. Two games were tried out and discussed in terms of their success in producing ethical gameplay. Apart from being thought provoking the seminar also benefited from both speakers and audience contributing to a dynamic discussion. On behalf of Bodil and myself, I want to thank all of you who made the day so enjoyable. The entire program of the day can be found here. Next event will be held on May 18, when Dan Pinchbeck will talk about Digital Preservation. More info will be published on the Hex blog.

I veckan hade Metro en kort notis om projektet. Rubriken de valt var Mammor får dåligt samvete av tv-spel. Inte den mest lyckade tycker vi för det stämmer långt ifrån alltid. Dessutom är inte frågan om huruvida mammorna har dåligt samvete eller inte för att de spelar huvudsyftet med projektet, vilket det kan tolkas som. 

Är du en spelande mamma (med eller utan dåligt samvete!) får du gärna höra av dig. Vi vill ha fler informanter!